Who I am

“Slow Step” TOURISM

Giovanni Nicolosi is an expert in environmental, slow and cultural tourism in the Madonie Park. In the years 2009/2010 he worked for the project “Management of the environmental and cultural tourism in the Madonie Park”. He took two degrees in the university of  Bologna and he made different studies regarding the Sicilian culture and history. He also published books and guides about naturalistic beauties of the Madonie Park. He is one of the founders of the “Madonie outdoor  association” that promotes the Tiberio Gorges (zones Geopark recognized by Unesco) all over the world. He is an environmental and rafting guide and a Nordic walking instructor.
Giovanni Nicolosi proposes excursions to discover Sicily and the Madonie in particular. He promotes a slow step tourism that respects the environment and the local cultures. The tourist is  a traveler that will know the local traditions, local people and the ancient professions of the little Sicilian villages. The traveler will discover an uncontaminated nature characterized by woods of  beech trees, corks and hollies.
In order to realize all this, Giovanni Nicolosi (supported by the “Madonie outdoor  association”) proposes different itineraries in all season and for all requests and needs of the traveler-tourist.