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A slower pace. A philosophy of life

    Giovanni Nicolosi, hiking guide, offers excursions to discover Sicily and at a slow pace Madonie, responsible tourism, and sustainable relationship respecting the environment and local cultures. The tourist will be a traveler who comes into contact with the traditions and the people of the place, you discover ancient knowledge and crafts still handed down from father to son and he will know the slow rhythms that mark the seasons in small Sicilian villages and hamlets. The traveler will encounter unspoilt nature during walks in the old shepherds' paths, the paths of high mountains among ancient beech forests, cork oaks, holm oaks and hollies once traveled by woodcutters, charcoal burners and nevaioli, in royal trazzere used by farmers and ranchers during the transhumance, in the winding streets of pilgrimages and river routes between orange groves, olive groves and ash from manna.
    The traveler will have the opportunity to discover and smell the scents and smells of Sicily in all seasons in the fresh air, you will be able to enjoy the view of unique and unspoilt landscapes. To do all this and more Giovanni Nicolosi, supported by Madonie Outdoor ASD, proposes a series of itineraries and routes for all seasons and for all types of request and traveler-tourist needs.


    The territory

    • The Madonie park
      The Madonie Park The Madonie Park, established by the Sicily...